About us

Picture the perfect beach: foam-topped waves lapping against white sand, a cool ocean breeze, and bronzed bodies getting their RDA of Vitamin D the way nature intended. Few beaches in the world can rival those found in Brazil.

What image springs to your mind when someone says “Rio De Janeiro”?
Yeah, we thought so. It makes sense that where the world’s best beaches are found, so too are the world’s best bikinis. Brazilian bikinis and swimwear are manufactured to standards of fashion, comfort, and durability you’d be hard-pressed to find anywhere else. Princess Biquini Shop offers a selection of Brazilian-made bikinis and accessories that transform any beach into the beach of your dreams.

Let us bring Brazil to you with a variety of festive cuts and patterns designed for the devout sun-worshipper. Our textiles and dyes are of a high quality, so they won’t lose their color after a single season soaking up rays. So what are you waiting for? Take a browse through our online shop, and we’re confident you’ll find something to your liking.